Product: Benefit Eye Bright
Use: “waking up” your eyes
SRP: $18
Best price: Macy’s Online, $16

One of the perks to having an adopted “son” at home is that he loves to give “mom” presents! A recent gift has proven to be a great addition to my makeup collection; Eye Bright by benefit.My morning regime is often hurried and harried, consisting of little more than a spot of mascara, a swift sweep of finishing powder, and a touch of gloss before I grab my coffee cup and hit the door at a run. I never knew how much of a pick-me-up my eyes could use on those mad dash mornings until I tried the eye bright stick.The color is a muted pink with a hint of shimmer, and the consistency a perfect balance of cream and powder. It doesn’t take precision or practice to apply – just a pea-sized dot under the inner corner of the eye and then trace the outer “V” – with a few dabs of a fingertip to blend, you’re done. Your eyes appear brighter, more engaging, and larger in seconds. It blends easily into foundation or bare skin, and doesn’t detract from a complete eye look, though application needs to be more precise and deliberate if working around shadow colors.

I tried a few other more affordable products in an attempt to recreate the effects; loose powder applied wet and blended, a white eyeliner crayon, even a similar pink to the eye bright in Burt’s Bees lip shimmer, but nothing compared. The powder reflected too much light and wasn’t subtle enough, the white liner was stark against my skin and didn’t blend well, and the lip shimmer, well, that was a bit of a sticky mess that I don’t recommend to anyone. I’d be curious to hear from people of color to find out if the shade works well on skin tones besides my own fair complexion.

So there’s the scoop on eye bright – if you need something to perk up your eyes after a late night, or to freshen them up before one, this is a product you should definitely keep on hand.

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