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Product: Bumble & bumble Styling Creme
Use: creating the perfect ‘do
SRP: $22
Best Price: $22 at participating salons (visit and click the Store Locator at the top to find one near you)

It’s been a while, I know; thank you all for your patience while I was on vacation and catching up afterwards! As a reward, I want to tell you about the first styling product I’ve been willing to spend more than $5 on in *years*.

I have plastic totes under my bathroom vanity that are full of various products, not the least represented of those being hair styling goos of various types. Spritzes, gels, mousses, pomades, you name it, we’ve got it. A very few get a second go-’round, and when they do, it’s almost always due to price rather than performance. No longer is that the case.

My dear stylist, Chris at Anvil Salon in San Francisco, made a believer out of me when he introduced Bumble & bumble’s Styling Creme. After telling me that my hair is in fact not just wavy, but *curly*, and after allowing my laughter to serve as a challenge, he hit my hair with a dollop of this stuff and watched my smirk fade into sheepishness.

The bottle reads, “Well, it’s not a mousse and it’s not a gel – some call it magic.” Count me among them. With about a quarter-sized amount of product worked through my ridiculously thick, shoulder-blade length hair, he turned stick straight into just shy of ringlets. While other brands will promise not to leave your hair stiff, sticky, or immobile, this one delivers – I was able to run my fingers through without getting stuck, OR ruining the curl.

If you’ve not yet tried Bumble & bumble products, do yourself, and your hair, a favor – treat yourself to a cut and style at a salon that carries them, and ask the stylist to use this creme. Grab a bottle to take home, and discover how easy it is to finally reproduce salon styling at home with one product in a large enough bottle to last you at least until your next visit.

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