Product: L’Oreal Infallible Lip Color
Use: Long-lasting lip color in a variety of shades
SRP: $11.99
Best Price: Target, $9.99 (in stores only – click the picture to go to Ulta for online shopping)

What’s the point in getting all dolled up for a hot date if kissing said date results in lipstick ruin? Thankfully, there are products out there that will keep us free from reapplication for hours of luscious lip locking.

I’m a big fan of MAC makeup, I’m not going to lie. I’m also a big fan of being able to pay the bills, so my supply of MAC is much shorter than that of drugstore brand cosmetics. When it came time for long-lasting, no-worries, this-stuff-isn’t-going-anywhere lip color, I hit the MAC counter, knowing I’d find what I needed, and I did – the pro longwear line has some great colors, they last through most anything, and they don’t dry my lips. All of what I need in a lip color, to the tune of $20 plus tax. A small price to pay, if it’s the only product out there. None of the others I’d tried had provided the same results, so I was content with the price tag. Until now, of course.

Let’s start off by saying that L’Oreal sure does know how to push our packaging buttons. The mirrored case with the lip color locked into one side and the moisturizing sealant on the other is pure genius, and let’s not forget how much I love the shiny stuff! At about the size and shape of a compact flip phone, the case is pocket-ready or easily thrown in any size bag. The mirror isn’t compact-quality, but it does the trick, whether you’re applying the color or touching up the sealant. The color applicator is a molded sponge-tip, which may need to be used somewhat carefully by our thinner-lipped friends, but which fits the curves and corners of the mouth perfectly so that one swipe is all it takes to apply evenly and thoroughly.

The colors seemed somewhat limited to pinks and browns, but it appeared to be because several of the reds (Pomegranate and Crimson among them) had already sold out in both Target and Walgreens, despite the fact that the product had hit the shelves mere days before I shopped for it. The 24 shades do range widely enough that anyone should be able to find at least a couple that work well for them, and there are close color options for frost or matte based on your preference.

I picked up Azalea, a really pretty pink with purple undertones, and I wore it all weekend, through lunches and cocktails with straws and bubble gum and smooches. The color didn’t move until I wanted it off. I reapplied the sealant two or three times over the course of seven or eight hours’ wear, more because I was checking out color’s staying power and happened to think of it than because I felt the need. The stick sealant moisturizes without feeling greasy, and it soaks into the color and the lips rather than sitting on top. When the days were done, a quick once-over with makeup remover took the color away without any scrubbing necessary.

Grabbing me with the packaging, hooking me with the price, and winning me with the proof, L’Oreal’s got a new convert when it comes to keeping my lips dressed all day.

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