For anyone who is interested in trying out Electric Cosmetics (see my review here), all eye shadows are on sale – 5 gram jars for $3 each as opposed to the normal $5 each. Dez is also offering a free shadow with each purchase. The sale is through this Sunday, August 5th, so definitely check it out if you’re in need of some new shadows! My favorite EC shadow colors are Plue, Soft Red, and Creek. Have fun shopping!!!



Good morning my darlings, I only wish I had time to regale you with the details of what turned out to be quite a shopping spree yesterday! As it stands though, I’ve only moments before I must rush off to work, so, as I don’t want to leave you with nothing from me today, here’s this – Avenue’s “drop a dollar a day” online sale continues through Monday, and with coupon code 71222, you can receive 20% off of your entire online order, including items already on sale. Inventory is diminishing, so see what items have made it to their $9.99 bottom line, and grab them up!

If you are able to go into a brick and mortar Avenue store, I do recommend it; their semi-annual sale has items at prices half below the ones currently listed on the web, as well as items not found online. As noted by a reader in the comments on the Avenue Bike Short Panty, the bike shorts do work out to $10 a pair (50% off the retail price), but you need to buy a total of 4 pair, as they’re buy two, get two free in-store. A great deal, and not the only one worth the trip to an Avenue store this weekend.

That’s the super-short scoop; I’ll have more details on some of my purchases in the week to come. Next up will be Sally Hanson’s Diamond Lip Treatment – compare to Chanel’s Glossimer for quality and shades, and I’ll tell you where to find them for a tenth of the price, plus buy-one-get-one – stay tuned!

Have a grand weekend, all!

~Frugal Femme


Product: Origins lip sticks in Shimmer and Matte
Use: Lip liners and colors in complementary shades
SRP: $12 ea.
Best Price: in-store at Origins, clearance gift trio for $10

While gallivanting in a new mall yesterday, which is always a treat, I wanted to pop into Origins so I could test out their version of the eye bright stick by benefit that I reviewed the other day. I scanned the makeup displays for a minute, found what I was looking for, and gave it a shot. The consistency was very similar, but their stick is baby blue, which proved to be too much of a contrast for my rosy-undertoned skin. Were the product available in more shades, however, I’d recommend it as a less expensive ($13) alternative to the benefit stick.Of course, once I was in the store, I had to take a good look around; I’d only ever shopped Origins online, so I wanted to give things a good once-over. Most of the items were your bog standard apothecary offerings, and while I’m all for finding the right skin care items, that wasn’t on my list for yesterday. What I wanted to see were some red lines, and I did – a good-sized rack of clearance priced products, from soaps to candle holders to lip sticks. In a stroke of marketing genius, they had not only selected my best shades to put in a box of three lip colors, but they had a tester set out of the box for me to check out up close. Sold!

The matte shades (Malt and Berry) are multidimensional without being light-refracting, and the shimmer stick (Pearly Jam) is a beautiful, deep shade that shines without being sticky or sticky-looking. All three are infinitely creamy thanks to a touch of shea butter, and of course, the three blend and work over one another flawlessly for several additional looks. The staying power is surprising, and the size perfect for your smallest handbag. The trio is not available online, but if you don’t live near an Origins store, consider these a reasonable purchase at their retail price; I know they’re going to top my list of lip colors until the next time I hit a pot of gold like this one!

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