Product: Bath and Body Works’ Manicure Kit
Use: mani/pedi tools in a convenient carry-case
SRP: $18
Best Price: $10 with any $20 purchase at Bath and Body Works

I’m a big ol’ sucker for anything that comes free or discounted with purchase of other items; I can’t tell you how many of these products languish in the deepest corners of my vanity drawers, having been used once, never again to see the light of day. Once in a while though, one of these deals makes up for the other foolish add-on sales to which I consistently succumb. The Manicure Kit from Bath and Body Works is such a find.While the file remains untouched, it’s the only item I’ve not used for every manicure and pedicure I’ve done at home in the weeks since I first picked up the kit. The tools are conveniently sized for traveling in a medium to large handbag, but not unmanageably small, and the case itself is cute and functional.

The real prize, however, is the one item for which I still can’t imagine a reason it’s in the kit in the first place – the tweezers. Oh, the tweezers. I would buy the kit again, at *full price*, for the tweezers alone.

It took several times making the same mistake over and over again for me to realize that waxing my eyebrows would never bring me anything but pain and suffering. I have very sensitive skin, and no matter what solutions my well-meaning friends offered, I always, every time, broke out after a waxing. Finally, I decided it was time to take my brows into my own hands, and I started tweezing. Pair after pair of tweezers came home with me, from the el-cheapo to the biggest, baddest, highest-priced pair in the health and beauty aisle. While they all, to some degree, served their purpose, the pair that came in this nail care kit are pure gold. Precision and as much painlessness as is possible are the keys to a good pair of tweezers in my book, and this kit’s offering rocks my world on both counts.

I won’t go away for a weekend without this handy little case of tools, and there’s room enough to throw in any other essentials that are tiny enough to get lost in a purse, train case, or carry-on. Next time you find yourself aching for a good bargain but don’t want to be duped into something you’ll sadly surrender to your pile of beauty busts, head to Bath and Body Works for an add-on you can really use.

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