I wanted to take a moment to say hello to and welcome the new friends to my page; I’m so very glad to have each of you!

Blogging is such a different method of writing from that of preparing print articles; it gives us the opportunity to instantly engage with our readership, makes us available and approachable, and keeps us accountable – I can slack off a day on actually writing new posts, but what about the comments I would then have to leave unanswered? Or answer, then have people wonder why I’m not writing a new review? Do I ignore the folks who take time out of their day to encourage my project? Of course not. And certainly, if I’ve got time enough to return comments, I’ve got time enough to pick an amazing product, ANY amazing product, in my household to share with them, haven’t I? Yes, I have. And I will. There will likely be days when I just can’t get to the computer for personal efforts, or when I am out learning my way around San Francisco, or when I am taking a vacation, but I can promise you this – a day spent entirely away from the computer means a day spent out in the world of ads and marketing, of wanting and weighing, of trying and buying, and I will always report back to you, my dears. You are what make this blog worthwhile.

With Gratitude,
The Frugal Femme


For my first foray into the land of LJ, I’d like to say thank you to anyone who joins me in my quest for beauty on a budget. While the topic may seem vapid or superficial, it’s one that the Frugal Femme thinks about on a daily basis, and I bet that if you’re reading this, you do, too. After all, every day we are confronted with emails, advertising banners, news articles and more, all alerting us to the hot new item, the huge sale, the never-before-seen clearance. If we weren’t discerning consumers, we would spend three quarters of our day – and *ALL* of our time on the internet – purchasing some thing or another. So there must be a part of our brain that’s already trained to extract the important bits – what is the product, is it something I could use or want, and what will it cost? – in the briefest of glances. What I plan to do is take it a step farther for you, and for me.

There are items on the market that are knocked off at every turn, the imitations barely discernible to the layperson on the street. There are products that you can’t seem to find for a price that doesn’t rival your weekly income no matter where you search. There are people in every store, at every mall kiosk, and at the other end of every customer service phone line, trying to make a buck. Product reviews are all over distributors’ websites, testimonials grace every product’s main page, colored-in stars accompany each sparkling photo and gleaming report. What we need is a single source, a Retail Private Eye, who is going to do the work for us and weed out the truth – tell us what’s really worth sticking with the name brand and which imitations beat it hands-down, give us honest reviews of products that have failed to deliver the promised result, tell us what store is more likely to give us one-stop-happy-shopping if X,Y, and Z are on our list.

This is my plan, and I want to do it specifically for the items, stores, and brands that you want me to cover. I’m going to start off with my own finds, my own rants, my own warnings and gushings. My goal, however, is to eventually write all of my reviews based on queries from readers. Are you wondering how a $4 drug store brand eye shadow compares to your beloved $15 pot of the same color from the high-end counter? Have you always wanted to try straightening your hair, but don’t know if the hype about that one company’s iron is to be believed? Do you wonder if the dress that looks like the one you want but at half the price will stand the test of time and laundering? This is where to ask!

The journal will always be public, comments will always be enabled, and my email will always be read regularly – write me and request your product review today!

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