Good morning my darlings, I only wish I had time to regale you with the details of what turned out to be quite a shopping spree yesterday! As it stands though, I’ve only moments before I must rush off to work, so, as I don’t want to leave you with nothing from me today, here’s this – Avenue’s “drop a dollar a day” online sale continues through Monday, and with coupon code 71222, you can receive 20% off of your entire online order, including items already on sale. Inventory is diminishing, so see what items have made it to their $9.99 bottom line, and grab them up!

If you are able to go into a brick and mortar Avenue store, I do recommend it; their semi-annual sale has items at prices half below the ones currently listed on the web, as well as items not found online. As noted by a reader in the comments on the Avenue Bike Short Panty, the bike shorts do work out to $10 a pair (50% off the retail price), but you need to buy a total of 4 pair, as they’re buy two, get two free in-store. A great deal, and not the only one worth the trip to an Avenue store this weekend.

That’s the super-short scoop; I’ll have more details on some of my purchases in the week to come. Next up will be Sally Hanson’s Diamond Lip Treatment – compare to Chanel’s Glossimer for quality and shades, and I’ll tell you where to find them for a tenth of the price, plus buy-one-get-one – stay tuned!

Have a grand weekend, all!

~Frugal Femme


Product: Seamless Bike Short Panty from the Avenue
Use: Foundation Garment
SRP: $20
Best Price: on sale at, $16, or buy two get two free in store (through 7/23; call your local store for details)

I love summer – the events, the sun, the backyard barbecues, and especially the fashion. Nothing makes me happier than to slip on a flowy skirt, a spaghetti-strap top, and my flavor-of-the-week sandals before heading out to explore my new city. Conversely, nothing is more debilitating than the heat rash that comes with the territory of donning said skirts when you’ve got ample thighs. While there are products that can be applied to your skin and are helpful in fighting the “chub rub”, many of them are unsuitable for upwards of a couple of hours of activity. Thanks to a tip from a friend, I’ve found the perfect combatant in my fight against the friction – Avenue’s Bike Short Panty.

Let me start with this note – this product is NOT shapewear. It does not push, prod, suck, or tuck – it’s just *there*, and that’s all it needs to be for me. The nylon/spandex blend is a perfectly breathable alternative to the primarily nylon shapers that are currently on the market, and the legs stay comfortably in place rather than rolling or bunching as you move through your day. The garment runs true to size, and is available in black and champagne, the second of which is close enough to my skin tone that, should a gust of wind carry my skirt to unseemly heights, the shorts are not blatantly visible.

In addition to giving me the freedom to wear skirts and dresses as often as I please, the shorts are great for slipping on under slacks or trousers, where the fabric of the pants tends to lose its straight-outta-the-dryer fit over the first hour of wear. The hems are unobtrusive and don’t show through even moderately clingy clothing, giving your inner thighs relief from excess contact and moisture without ruining the line of the outfit you’ve crafted.

So thick-thighed girls of the world, stop looking longingly at your sassy sun dresses and pushing them aside in favor of jeans – use promo code 71209 at now through this Friday, July 20th, to receive $15 off your online purchase, or spend $75 or more and save 20%. For the flirty femme who loves to give her gams some air time, these shorts are your ticket to skirt-wearin’ freedom!

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